MBTC Officers and Committee

The management of the MBTC lies with the Officers and Committee, who are elected for a 3-year term of office at the Annual General Meeting, held each February.

All are active in the breed, either as owners, breeders, exhibitors and/or judges.


Some of them have been associated with Bedlington Terriers for many years, some are relative new-comers to the breed, and all are enthusiastic and willing to share their experiences, knowledge and expertise


Relevant contact details can be found on the 'Contact' page


President: Mrs Dorothy Owen




Chairman:   Dr Hefin Jones, OBE




Honorary Secretary:  Mrs Yvonne Bannister




Honorary Treasurer:  Miss Vicky Bell


Trophy Steward:  Mrs Viv Rainsbury


Education co-ordinator:  Mrs Viv Rainsbury


Merchandise and Newsletter Editor:  


Health Group representatives:  Dr Hefin Jones,  Mrs Viv Rainsbury



Alister Mitchell, Brian Mitchell, Howard Middlebrook,

Emily Middlebrook, Dorothy Owen, Chris Worrall, Frances Mitchell,

Shelley Worrall, Trudie Hewitt-Taylor


Puppy Register: email [email protected]

Yvonne Dorothy Hefin