The Kennel Club requires breed clubs to produce an annual judges list. Whom the club place on the list is entirely a matter for the club itself. This job is performed on behalf of the club by the Judges Sub- Committee, who also recommend a number of judges to the AGM, and the AGM decides by secret ballot which of these judges should be invited to judge a particular club show. At least 75% of the membership of the Sub-Committee must comprise judges who award challenge certificates in the breed.
The judges list is in 3 parts - the A list, B list and C list. The MBTC's list also distinguishes between breed and non-breed specialists.
The A1 list contains the names of judges who have been approved by the Kennel Club to award challenge certificates in the breed, and have done so.
The A2 list contains the names of judges approved by the Kennel Club to award challenge certificates in the breed, but who have yet to complete an appointment.
The A3 list contains the names of judges who satisfy the requirements of the Kennel Club and MBTC for inclusion in the list and whom the MBTC would support for inclusion in the A2 list.
The B list contains Current Judges Listthe names of judges who satisfy the MBTC requirements for inclusion in the list, and are therefore approved to judge 4 or more classes at open shows or championship shows without challenge certificates for the breed.
The C list contains the names of judges who are approved by MBTC to judge 3 or fewer classes at open shows.
Anybody wanting to be placed on the C list should contact the Secretary. The 3 breed clubs are always keen to encourage new talent, and there is no reason why a judge cannot be on the list of all 3 clubs. A quick look at the club web sites shows that many judges' names are common to all 3 lists.
A judge wanting to transfer to the B list or the A3 list should contact the Secretary who will refer such requests to the Judges Sub-Committee for consideration.
To be placed on the A2 list, as well as satisfying the Kennel Club's training requirements, a judge requires 3 satisfactory assessments from assessors who report to the Kennel Club. Assessments can be arranged in a number of ways. An assessment can be arranged at a breed specific seminar involving the judging of at least 5 dogs in the manner in which they would be judged at a show. The other 2 assessments can be acquired either at 2 open shows, provided there are least 12 breed exhibits at both shows, or at a single breed club show. Whichever method is adopted the judge should contact the Secretary requesting an assessment, and the Secretary will ensure the necessary arrangements are in place. Ample notice should be given to the Secretary because of the need to identify and appoint the assessors.
The above outline applies only to club shows. The appointment of judges at general open and championship shows is a matter for the society in question, subject to Kennel Club approval in the case of championship show appointments. However society secretaries frequently refer to a breed club's list when seeking a suitable appointment, especially for open shows.